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Nils Holger Moormann
The self-taught Moormann--once called the "Jacques Tati of the furniture business"--produces and sells products from young unknowns. Moormann and company are ensconced in the idyll of Aschau im Chiemgau, upper Bavaria, a region with its own unofficial currency (the "Chiemgauer"). Moormann once filed a copyright lawsuit against Ikea--and won.
Heath Nash
Heath Nash studied sculpture at the University of Cape Town. Exploring the question of "what South Africa could look like," he works with mind-boggling 3D geometries in an attempt to recycle trash into complex sculptures and luminaires. 2007 has been a big year for Heath, with shows in London (at Liberty's, no less), Tokyo, Singapore, and elsewhere.
Nervous System
MIT grads Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg put their mega brains together to form the mathematically inspired jewelry line, Nervous System. The brainy duo writes pattern-generating computer programs that create delicate designs grounded in natural forms. From coral aggregations to interference patterns, a study of natural phenomena is an essential ingredient to their design process.
Postalco began in Brooklyn and is now in Meguro, Tokyo. The husband and wife team explores paper and the carriage of paper through various media. Postalco are rare for their quality and attention to detail, as any user of their products (such as ourselves!) will attest. When they make a leather envelope, they know the whole history of the object, beginning with the cow.
David Restorick
David is the founder of David Restorick Interiors, a London-based design company. His whimsical and imaginative approach to everyday objects brings a smile to your face. David works across a broad spectrum from furniture to interior design. His work often embodies a witty approach to the "memory of things," such as resin stools that recall dilapidated wood.
Saipua is Finnish for “soap”. The small family owned business has been making olive oil based soap in the Hudson Valley, New York, since 1999. The soaps are carefully crafted in small batches using food-grade olive oil, butters, herbs and extracts. Each bar is hand cut, air dried and cured in their workshop. The result is a handcrafted soap wrapped in charmingly stamped and patterned paper in scents that will simply make you swoon.
David Trubridge
David Trubridge is a British-trained naval architect and self-taught furniture maker. In 1981 he and his wife sold everything, bought a yacht and set out from England with their two sons on an open ended adventure around the world. After four years, they arrived in New Zealand, where David continues to be based. His lights are crafted from sustainable, plantation-grown, untreated hoop pine plywood.
John Wischhusen is a Designer and Maker who creates work that is distinctive and crafted. He designs products for leading manufacturers such as Innermost as well as producing a research-based, limited edition or one-off range of lighting using innovative and unique manufacturing processes. We met John when we stumbled upon his amazing chandeliers of aircraft aluminium.