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The Anglepoise lamp was conceived in 1932 by George Carwardine, an English automotive engineer and inventor. The joints and spring tension allow the lamp to be moved easily in every direction and yet has the ability to remain rigid when held in position. Anglepoise is THE original articulated task light system. It is a British design classic that has stood the test of time.
Astier de Villatte
A cult shop on Rue St. Honore, Astier de Villatte features handmade terracotta tableware inspired by 18th and 19th century designs and glazed in a signature milky finish. As Liberty's points out, their work "creates a balance between the baroque and the minimalist... the home entertainer will immediately commence planning their next dinner party on receipt of this gift."
Burgess, Dorling & Leigh ("Burleigh") prove that beauty does not go out of fashion. Or not for long, anyway. The company has been making English transfer-printed earthenware in Stoke-on-Trent, since 1888. Their magnificent chintz is first etched by a master engraver, and then transfered via tissue paper onto the ceramics. Every piece is hand-made, and unique.
Dirty Librarian Chains
Dirty Librarian Chains was born out of Susan Domelsmith's inability to find jewelry that possessed an edgy, understated and yet slightly askew elegance that reflected her own personal style. Susan deconstructs and reconfigures vintage chains through draping, knotting and tangling. As the materials and components of each design constantly change based on what is available, each piece is one of a kind.
Margaret Woermann founded her gallery to showcase the work of craftspeople in and around Cape Town. Heartworks is part business and part social project, benefitting a range of individuals who produce unique and extremely clever contemporary crafts. Everything is hand-made by a particular person or collective, giving them a personal and optimistic character.
ibride (pronounced “e-breed”) is based in La Vèze, a remote and wooded area in the south of France. The ibride products capture an element of surprise, the unexpected and are intended to bring a smile to your face. The word “ibride” itself is a play on words in French meaning “hybrid”. As such, their products combine a dual purpose of serving as sturdy and functional furniture, as well as being used as decorative art for the home.
Geoffrey Mance
Mance founded ManceDesign Luminaires, a company producing custom-made lights of bespoke and high-quality materials and forms. Over a 30 year career, his prolific output was seen throughout Australia. His death in February 2007 left his company to the employees, who now work to carry on the tradition of the founder in the production of good, timeless design.
Kiel Mead
Brooklyn-based Kiel (pronounced as "Kyle") Mead is an up-and-coming designer. His jewelry is humorous, not stuffy, whimsical, not commonplace. Kiel is always searching for mundane everyday objects to transform. Key rings are fashioned from bent car keys and delicate Forget Me Not rings are cast using a master mold crafted from an actual tied piece of string.
MARK Product
MARK is a dynamic new furniture and lifestyle brand from Cornwall. Their well-conceptualized furniture and lighting products not only look great today, but would also look perfect on the set of Mad Men.